The Follo Crisis and Incest Centre

Do you need someone to talk to? We’re here for you! Our services are available to everyone, regardless of gender, religion and ethnicity.

Our services are available around the clock – every day of the year! Please contact us today on the following phone number: +47 64 97 23 00 or by sending an e-mail to

Who are the Follo Crisis and Incest Centre?

The Follo Crisis and Incest Centre are here to help those who have experienced physical and non-physical domestic violence, incest or sexual abuse.

We are a free counseling and temporary housing service. You do not need a referral to receive help from us. We have a duty of confidentiality and work after the principles of ”help to self-help”. Our services are open around the clock, and you are welcome to contact us regardless of sex, age or nationality.

Do you need legal aid?

We offer one hour of free assistance from a lawyer if you have experienced violence, rape, sexual abuse, female genital mutilation, forced marriage etc.

To book an appointment call:
Tel.: +47 64 97 23 00
Mon – Fri between 09:00 – 15:00

Are you scared in your own home?

Every child and adolescent should have a safe home without violence, abuse, drug abuse etc. Contact the free call service Alarmtelefonen for barn og unge on tel.: +47 116 111..

Do you know someone who sexually exploits children?

If you have any tips for the police click here for more information.

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