Who are we and who are we here for?

The Follo Crisis and Incest Centre is an inter-municipal service. The Centre is located in Ås and is run by the municipalities in Ås, Ski, Oppegård, Nesodden, Frogn, Vestby and Enebakk.

You can find our annual reports and brochures here, along with job vacancies.

  • Our objectives
    • To offer help to adults of both sexes and children who are experiencing abusive situations
    • To highlight and combat domestic violence
    • To offer help to people who are the victims of incest or sexual abuse and to their family/friends
    • The Crisis and Incest Centre aims to provide acute and short-term assistance. Long-term requirements for assistance will be referred to the ordinary support services


    All employees at the Centre have a duty of confidentiality under the Norwegian Public Administration Act and a duty of disclosure under the Norwegian Child Welfare Services Act.

  • Annual report

    Below you can find our annual report. Click to download in PDF.

  • Brochures

    Here you can find brochures for adults and children. Click to download in PDF.

  • Current job openings

    There are no current job openings, please check back soon.