One-to-one counseling is offered to children, adolescents and adults who have experienced sexual abuse or domestic violence. You do not need a referral to contact us.


Counseling for children and young adolescents

We have experience working with child/young people who have suffered abuse. Everyone reacts in different ways, but we know that many people struggle to “fix their lives” when their everyday lives are difficult and their heads are full of distressing thoughts. It can be good to talk to an adult who understands these problems and who can assure you that your reactions are normal responses to your abnormal experiences. You do not need a referral to contact us.

Counseling services for adults

We provide counseling services for anyone who has suffered various forms of domestic violence, or who is the victim of incest and/or sexual abuse. You do not need a referral to contact us.

Our services also apply to the family and friends of victims. Our work is based on the principle of “help for self-help”, which means that through counselling we work with identifying your problems and make use of your abilities and resources in order to resolve your problems. We have a duty of confidentiality and you can choose to be anonymous. We meet you with respect and understanding. We will provide an interpreter if you need one, and we will listen to you and support you as you work towards achieving the new goals you set for yourself.

Legal aid measures covered by the State Civil Law Administration

The Crisis and Incest center offers free advice and guidance with a lawyer to people who are at risk of, or are exposed to, violence and or sexual abuse. This including rape, genital mutilation, forced marriage and human trafficking.

It is very common that there is a need for legal assistance in these cases. If necessary, we use and interpreter in these conversations.

We can offer:

  • Chats, advice and guidance
  • Free 30-minute consultation with a lawyer
  • Information about your rights and options
  • Help with drawing up a draft access agreement
  • Help with contacting other support services