“The Network” is a social meeting place for women, men and children who live/have lived at, or who make use of the counseling services provided by, the Follo Crisis and Incest Centre.

Many women and men who have lived in an abusive relationship for a long time lose large parts of their social networks during these period. They often have to start from scratch when they move out of the Crisis and Incest Centre. The Network provides these people with considerable benefits and enjoyment, and many friendships have been formed over the course of the years.

The Network meets during the evenings to engage in activities both at and outside the Centre. When activities take place at the Centre, adults are in the company of other adults, while children go to the “Snug” – the children’s section where they have their own activities. On other occasions The Network engages in activities outside the Centre, e.g. going to Disney On Ice, the theatre, the cinema or bowling. The children are accompanied by employees from KISiF.