Residential services for children and adolescents
If you are not safe at home due to domestic violence and sexual abuse, you can come and live with us for a while with an adult (parent or guardian). When you live with us you will have your own contact who you can talk to about how you feel and about your situation, pain or difficult matters. We try to ensure that you can live as normally as possible while you are staying with us. We help by arranging for transportation to your school and you can still be with your friends and attend after school activities if it is safe for you to do so. The adult accompanying you, will be responsible for you.

Residential services for adults
We provide short-term and temporary residential services for women, men and their children who are victims, or at risk of becoming victims, of violence and/or abuse. You can stay here for up to four weeks. All our residential rooms have their own bathrooms and access to a kitchen. Our residential units for men are physically separate, from the womens units. All residents are assigned their own primary contact for counseling and who will provide them with follow-up, as well as facilitate contact with the support services such as lawyers, the police, NAV (the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration), the child protective services, etc. We provide interpreters for anyone who needs one.